Your metabolism is where your energy comes from. Our body is made up of a unique combination of natural chemical and electrical reactions.

When our metabolism is functioning well we can enjoy high energy and excellent wellbeing. If our metabolism is out of balance, we feel miserable and have little or no energy.

Wellness is all about our environment. Both our internal environment (our body) and our external environment (the world we live in including our day to day stressors).

By identifying the imbalances within our environments and fixing them, we feel better, we have more energy and minimise our risk of serious illness and disease.

As part of my Perfect 10 Wellness Check, your personal online metabolic assessment will identify current imbalances within your system. The following areas are investigated and form part of the jigsaw puzzle towards improving your health:-

  • Electrolyte balance - how well your natural body chemistry is working
  • Cell membrane physiology - how well your cells deal with nutrition
  • Energy production - how your body manages energy
  • Autonomic nervous system - do you operate in fight or flight mode?
  • pH balance - what is your acid/alkaline balance?
  • Diet and nutrition - are you eating the right food for you?
  • Your immune system - how strong is it?
  • Your cardiovascular system - how well is it working?

The Metabolic Analysis forms part of The Perfect 10 Wellness Check. The online questionnaire is very detailed and will take you time to enter all of the information required. the effort is well worth your time investment.

Click here to sign up and complete your own online metabolic assessment or contact me if you'd like to ask any questions