Why waste money ?

I don’t recommend taking supplements for the sake of it.There are very few supplements that suit everyone,and how do you know what dosage to take in any event? One size doesn’t always fit all.

My recommendation is to give yourself a health MOT to assess what your body actually needs right now, rather than guessing, potentially harming yourself in the process by disturbing the balance of your body, and spending more money than you need to.

Cytoplan supplements

By identifying the imbalances within our environments and fixing them, we feel better, we have more energy and minimise our risk of serious illness and disease.

When identified what your body requires, I recommend this highly ethical and natural supplement company steeped in history. Cytoplan was created from a need identified in 1979 by Pat Pilkington CBE and Penny Brohn who created the Bristol Cancer Help Centre - now known as the Penny Brohn Centre in Pill, North Somerset. They found great difficulty in sourcing supplements without carcinogenic filler powders used in low quality supplements to bind the ingredients.

You deserve the best. Cytoplan is wholly owned by a charity foundation and works with trained nutritional practitioners to provide their clients with bio available, ethically sourced natural products.

A Perfect 10 Wellness Check will identify exactly what’s going on in your body. You will be amazed what is discovered through a dried blood analysis, hair tissue mineral analysis, online metabolic analysis and behaviour profile.

Brought together via a comprehensive review of the results and an online personal consultation with DISCPLUS founder Elaine Godley, you will learn precisely how to support your body instead of using guess work, trial and error.

If you are poorly, the Perfect 10 Wellness check will identify how to improve your situation and potentially reverse it.

If you want to avoid ill health, the Perfect 10 Wellness Check will show you how to minimise your risks.

If you do need supplements, you will receive expert guidance, and Elaine even shares her practitioner discount with her clients

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Cytoplan supplements